The Many Perks of Multi-Platform Estate Liquidation

But first, what is multi platform estate liquidation?

Earlybird Estate Liquidation and our parent company, Hughes Estate Sales, work together to yield the best results for our clients. The key to our success is selling items in a way that maximizes value. Higher grossing items are removed from the onsite liquidation setting and featured in our auctions. 



Wide Audience, Wide Wallet

Items selected for auction and pulled from the home have the potential to reach a broader audience during auctions thanks to our online platforms. These hand picked items are not only available for shoppers to bid on in person at our live auctions, but also online, over the phone, and through absentee bids. Bidders from around the world will see the merchandise and can have the items shipped straight to them.


Take Me Up!

In the auction environment, the item is more likely to gross more because it is no longer in a liquidation atmosphere. At onsite sales, it is standard procedure to discount items in order to clear the home. During an auction however prices go up, not down.



Amazing Appraising

Because we deal with high end items, we have a network of appraisers on standby ready to make sure auction items are identified and priced accurately. We work hard to not to let anything auction worthy slip through. 


We Meet Your Needs

Multi platform estate liquidation means we can cast a wide net and assist clients in a variety of situations. Whether you have a home with many high end auction items or a house that just needs to be cleared out quickly and efficiently, Earlybird Estate Liquidation and Hughes Estate Sales are here to help!


So get that coffee percolating, the perky Earlybirds are here!